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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] Return VIR_ERR_NO_SUPPORT in qemu SetMemory()/SetVcpus() if domain is active.

Hi Daniel,

thanks for reply. Well, it seems that I'm a bit ahead of time here,
the balloning support didn't even make it to QEMU trunk...
So there is not big hurry with it :)

To answer Your questions:
>   can you detect its presence at runtime ?
from a slight look to patches yes, it will be possible using monitor
"info ballon" command which will print either
"Ballooning not activated in VM" or "balloon: actual=%d", so I guess
this should be sufficient.

>   I doubt anybody would object code adding the feature, the problem
> is getting the code and something that fail/work reliably depending
> on the vailability of the driver.
Seems like this should not be that complex. I'll give ballooning patches
a try and if it works well, I'll try to prepare some libvirt patches.
I'll let You know about progress OK?

> Daniel

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