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[libvirt] beta libvirt-java port uploaded


we are using libvirt in our softwaredemo.de plattform (launching in 2 or 3 weeks)..

Because I saw some thread relating to the java-port, I uploaded our modified version (SNAPSHOT of my eclipse-workspace, 
based on the Tóth István libvir-java port - e.g.  http://www.mail-archive.com/libvir-list redhat com/msg03131.html) to 	


for free access.

At the moment, it's does not support all the XML-elements, because if haven't enough time to update it out XSD-file - but I works
with the current libvirt 0.4.4-1 (-: - and work for us ....

The uploaded java-project depends on some other (internal) staff of our company (devtools, ivy-repository), so it will
not compile out-of-the-box for you - sorry for this at the moment.

The TGZ includes all 
	Dependant libs in lib/compiler
	Dependant infos in output/ivy-report
	Output artifacts in output/artifact	 (jar-files for using to access libvirt ...)

If there are people wanting to work-on/update/extend these sources, I will think about 
adapting our individual-company-dependant project-build-framework to run everywhere 
(replace our ivy-repos with public maven-repos, insert the missing ant-scripts, ...)

Maybe it could be also a good input for other people's to restart the libvirt-java project for their own
(look into the project and uses some fragemets/ideas - staf, testing, buildprocess, ..)

Thx to libvirt-community

(from softwaredemo.de ;-)

If you have question, please ask (-:

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