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Re: [libvirt] Web Interface -> LibVirt Communication?

On Wed, Jul 09, 2008 at 06:57:11AM -0700, Michael March wrote:
This might not be the 'right way' but here is how I handled communication to each Xen instance my web interface is managing. I used the ssh style connect string.. even if it was a local instance.. here is a line ripped right from my code:

server_list={"michael":['',""], "tito":['',""], "jermaine":['',""}

.. then later in my code...

for server in server_list:
server_list[server][1] = libvirt.open('xen+ssh://root@'+server_list[server][0]+'/')

I wouldn't recommend using the SSH transport for serious management
tools. If you want a simple username/password based auth scheme which is trivial to setup, then the Digest-MD5 scheme is best bet. The
SSH tunnel capability is handy for ad-hoc sysadmin work, but it suffers
from having a high initial connection overhead and poor diagnostics when things go wrong.
Digest-MD5 is easy to setup, only requiring you to create a user on each
managed node which your app will authenticate as:


When I looked at this it *seemed* you had to embed the username and password someplace in your code or a config file... did I get the wrong impression?

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