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Re: [libvirt] PV loader in capabilities?

On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 12:07:18AM +0100, John Levon wrote:
> Why is it NULL instead of the path to pygrub? On Solaris, the path is
> different.

  You mean that when dumping the capabilities on a Xen host
the sections 
    <arch ...

don't have a <loader> section under <arch> ? 
The pygrub path is not provided by xen as far as i can tell, and not hardcoded
anywhere into libvirt it usually comes from the xen PV config files directly.
the Capabilities dump gets its informations from the kernel and hypervisor
(xend in that case), but the information is not provided there, are you
suggesting to check a few locations on the filesystem ?


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