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[libvirt] auto shutdown for qemu / kvm


there is the possibility to autostart a (qemu/kvm) domain. If libvirtd is 
stopped this domain is killed and the filesystem is in a unclean state. I 
miss the possible of an 'autostop' option that will shutdown a (qemu/kvm) 
domain if libvirtd is stopped.

I changed the init script of my system (opensuse 11.0) to implement 
the 'autostop' option. Is there a simpler solution? Do you have tips how to 
improve the script?


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# On 'libvirtd stop' all running (kvm) domains are killed. If
# LIBVIRTD_KVM_SHUTDOWN is set to 'yes' all running vm's are given time
# for a gracefully shutdown.

## Path: System/Virtualization
## Description: libvirtd timeout
## Type: integer
## Default: 300
# On 'libvirtd stop' the vm's are ask to shutdown. This optine gives the
# maximum number of seconds the script will wait until libvirt is stopped.

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