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[libvirt] some unsorted questions


Currently I'm working on my webserver thingie. And I notice some annoying error messages. Generally I use a predefined host to do the basic setup of defining a domain. So a client can shoot its XML directly into a post request, or we set it up by parsing some parameters from the URI.

Now personally I think it is smart to check if a domain is already defined, or in use. If this is not the case libvirtd and the client get this message:

libvir: Xen Daemon error : GET operation failed:

That doesn't seem to fit the scenario at all :) Why does lookupbyname behave so bad?

Secondly; I am a bit distracted by the domids concept. These ids are not available before a domain is launched. I think it would be interesting to allow signed values. In this way the 'defined' not active domains would get a negative value and a running domain a positive value. (Dom0 gets 0) This would have far less implications than using an uuid through the codebase consistently (not speaking the about the extra overhead).

If this gets implemented I would suggest a call that fetches all domains from a running system and not only the defined or only the active ones.


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