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Re: [libvirt] Java bindings

On Fri, Jul 18, 2008 at 02:55:39PM +0200, Alejandro Berna Juan wrote:
> Hi all, I'm Alejandro Berna from i2CAT (a non-profit foundation in
> Barcelona, Spain, www.i2cat.net). I'm collaborating in a Europena project
> called Federica ( www.fp7-*federica*.eu ). One of the branch of this project
> is to permit virtualization of different hosts in the Federica test-bed. We
> are doing some studies about the different management interfaces of Xen. Our
> objective is to create a software remote client for Xen tool (in java if
> it's possible) that can do (general functionalities):
> - Create virtual machines assigning virtual interfaces.
> - Permit choose the OS assigned to this virtual machine
> - Install new applications to be tested in the virtual machines
> - Configure a vm to become a router and permit to configure this router as
> it was a physical router.
> All these actions have to be performed remotelly. I have not found too much
> information about libvrt but I think that can be usefull for our achieves.
> If you agree that with libvrt we can perform these actions, maybe I can
> build the java bindings for libvrt inside the Federica work. I'm waiting for
> your opinions, thank you,

You're in luck - we already have people working on Java bindings for
libvirt & anyone else who has time is more than welcome to contribute
code to improve the Java bindings. There is more information in this


We also have full authenticated, encrypted remote access to all our APIs.
Information on this can be found here:


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