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Re: [libvirt] [FeatureRequest/RFC] non-volitile domain defines

Daniel P. Berrange schreef:
On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 03:16:57AM +0200, Stefan de Konink wrote:
I think I have already sent an email about this to the list, but no reply
on this specific point.

Libvirt is currently capable of storing storage, networks, the only thing
that is really missing is the direct storage of domains. I wonder if a
patch would be accepted that stores defined domains (live) to disk upon
change. Some sort of dumpxml per define/attach/etc. when a domain is
undefined the file is removed.

The storage of persistent configurations is implementation defined. With
some drivers libvirt takes care of it directly, with others it is delegated
to the underlying hypervisor specific tools. We're not going to replicate
that in libvirt because it'll cause interoperability problems with tools
which aren't libvirt based

DV: sorry, wrong webclient.

DP: Would a patch be accepted that makes this configurable for *all*
implementations? So that by after configuration a file is saved, and is
queried after the platform specific implementation doesn't list the domain as defined?

List Defined domains:
 - Query current implementation
 - If defined merge all non available domains.

In principle what I want to see is that if a domain is not defined in the specific hypervisor, the domain file can be queried. I know I can implement this behavior in my own code, but I really thing this would be a cool thing for more people.


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