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Re: [libvirt] remote access libvirtd / bindings for php/asp

Richard W.M. Jones schreef:
On Tue, Jun 03, 2008 at 05:27:45PM +0200, Stefan de Konink wrote:
My people would like to see bindings to connect to libvirtd by php or asp/.net, is there any progress on that one?

Not a lot of progress ... I looked at PHP bindings, as that is a big
pain point for people who want to use libvirt in web hosting
environments.  I don't have a lot of time to write such bindings
myself, particularly not before the Red Hat Summit.  However we would
support anyone who wanted to start such a project.  Even binding just
the common connection and domain calls (perhaps 10-15 in all) would be
a great start.

I think I can get motivated or get someone that is motivated or even motivate someone to write these bindings for PHP. I'll discuss the implications on friday. The problem is probably not the writing of the binding, but more getting it distributed as a stable extension.

But my personal interest goes out to libvirtd overlord capabilities. By extending the API with the capability of transparently connecting to an other machine announced by avahi or added by an xml file.

Or just exending libvirtd with proxy functionality. I would like to hear the Red Hat ideas on this one.

So going for an 'architecture' like storage that is able to register/discover neighbor nodes. Or just sticking with an 'external' program that is able to do this task.


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