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[Libvir] [PATCH] Add Xen Scheduler APIs to xenDaemonDriver


I add the Xen Scheduler APIs to xenDaemonDriver.
   - xenDaemonGetSchedulerType
   - xenDaemonGetSchedulerParameters
   - xenDaemonSetSchedulerParameters
We will have the following improvements by this patch:
   1) xenDaemonDriver of Schedulr is usable 
      when xenHypervisorDriver failed.
   2) Show the Scheduler information with non-root user.
   3) Set the Scheduler parameters for inactive domain.
      (Unfortunately not right now, because we need this fix.

And I have a few things to note:
   - Currently, implemented for the Xen-credit scheduler only.
   - xenDaemonGetSchedulerType is supported in xendConfigVersion >= 4,
     because we can get "xen_scheduler" from xend after Cset13394 of
     Xen (i.e. xendConfigVersion is four or later).
   - For the above reason, xenDaemonGetSchedulerParameters and
     xenDaemonSetSchedulerParameters are also supported in 
     xendConfigVersion >= 4, because they are using xenDaemonGetSchedulerType
     to get the scheduler type.
   - At xenDaemonSetSchedulerParameters, there are restrictions 
     which depends on Xend-version.
     a) We cannot set the "cap" value by xend before Cset15476 of Xen, 
        because xend does not support the "cap" value 
        at xend/server/SrvDomain.py
     b) We cannot set the scheduler parameters for inactive domain
        without the following patch.
        If the above patch is committed, this API will be available 
        for inactive domain.

Saori Fukuta

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