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[Libvir] Announcement : Enomalism 2.0 Alpha Released

This is an general announcement of the release of Enomalism 2.0 (Alpha) Now Available for Download.
Enomaly, Inc. is pleased to announce the Alpha release of the Enomalism Elastic Computing Platform. The Enomalism v2.0 Alpha has been completely redeveloped from the ground up and further builds on the concept of " Elastic / Cloud Computing". The platform extensively uses libvirt to manage several virtual environments including Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud).

Over the coming weeks there will be ongoing developments as we continue to improve the application. We hope to move to a stable "BETA" within a couple weeks. The current release is considered "Alpha" and should be used at your own risk.

New Enomalism Features include:

* Web Services API - RESTful
* Automated VM Deployment with Elastic Valet
* Multi-Server Support
* Virtual Cluster Engine
* Extensible system monitoring integration
* Flexible business process management with SOA (jBPM)
* Integrated appliance / module repository
* Extended User / Group Management
* Elastic Dashboard / Portal Framework
* System Metering (Utility / Chargeback)
* Increased Virtual Machine / Hypervisor Support
            o Xen, KVM, Qemu, OpenVZ, Amazon EC2 * (Ec2 Module)
* Support for installation in Linux & Windows
* New Open Source License (AGPL)

For installation Documentation and core distribution download, please visit

We are currently seeking BETA testers to assist with the following tasks

* Interface Debugging CSS, JS (IE7,Firefox)
* Platform Testing (Linux,Windows,BSD,OSX)
* Cluster Testing
* Amazon EC2 Testing
* Repository / Appliance Testing
* Module Testing
* User Management Testing
* REST API Testing
* Anything else that needs fixing.

If you are interested in lending a hand, please visit the Enomalism forums at

Reuven Cohen
Chief Technologist, Enomaly Inc.
www.enomaly.com :: 212 203 4734 x 1
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