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Re: [Libvir] [RFC] 0 of 4 Linux Container support


The XML format has been updated to this:
<domain type='linuxcontainer'>

 I would rather keep the type attribute value small, and if possible
the same as the one used for the connection URIs, 'lxr' would be just fine

I suggest 'lxc' since that is what we are using for containers anyway
(see lxc.sf.net).


        <filesystem type='mount'>
            <source dir='/home/dlesko/lxc_files/tmp/'/>
            <target dir='/tmp/'/>
        <console tty='/dev/ptmx'/>

All comments and questions are welcome.

 What do you think of the idea of commiting parts 1/2/3 once we are done
with their second review ?


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