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[Libvir] RFC 'xen like scripts'

Currently in Xen it is very easy to prototype a certain function related
to binding host hardware to virtual hardware. The script gets an argument,
can do anything it wants and returns another argument, or better: writes
it to the xen-store.

I was reviewing the current iSCSI code, because I cannot switch to libvirt
with the current implementation. (From OpenSolaris, I migrated to NetApp.)

So I pose a simple request: would anyone be able to create a xen-like
storage backend that in principle passes the URI to a script (that runs as
a fork) this script sets for example an envirionment variable or text
output, the code uses this envirionment variable as path to the storage
area. And a great prototypable system has been created.

It could be a question by some: 'why doesn't he write a simple
implementation in C?' basically: I'll will do this, no worries about that
one, but I would like to be able to prototype my programs first.

Is there anyone who wants to spend a few hours on this simple request, or
could someone tell me what he/she doesn't like about setting the
environment? Other solutions are ofcourse possible.

Waiting for your comments,

Stefan de Konink

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