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Re: [Libvir] ISCSI howto, example, etc?

On Tue, May 06, 2008 at 12:50:25AM -0600, Mark Dehus wrote:
> The documentation on the new storage feature is either a little short,
> or I totally missed it.  Anyway, I am looking for some help on how to
> use it.  If anyone could maybe give me an example xml file that would
> be incredibly helpful, because based on the format description I can't
> exactly figure out what information I am supposed to put where (for

The main docs we have are


They are basically more reference guides that howto/tutorials. Also
look at the 'virsh help' output for 'vol-XXX' and 'pool-XXX' commands.

As a simple example...

  - Create an XML definition for the iSCSI target you want to access,

      # cat > virt.xml <<EOF
      <pool type="iscsi">
          <host name="iscsi.example.com"/>
          <device path="demo-target"/>

  - Define the pool

     # virsh pool-define virt.xml

  - Activate the pool (this step logs into the server)

     # virsh pool-start virtimages

  - List the LUNs available

     # virsh vol-list virtimages

  - Query info about a LUN

     # virsh vol-info --pool virtimages  lun-3
     # virsh vol-dumpxml --pool virtimages  lun-3

There's many more pool-XXX and vol-XX commands available

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