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[libvirt] [RFC] Network interface XML for containers

We never really settled on the XML format for container network interfaces.  I
know a little more about what these look like now and have been working on the
 code so would like to get this sorted out.

With network namespaces enabled, processes within the container will not be able
to see any network devices outside of the container.  A veth device pair will be
used to transport traffic into and out off the container.  One end of the veth
pair will be attached to a bridge in the parent namespace.  The other end of
will be moved into the container namespace.  We need to be able to represent the
following in the XML:

Network or bridge name
Name for parent side veth device
Name for container side veth device
inet address for container side veth device

So this should end up looking quite a bit like the formats for Virtual network
and Bridge to LAN with a couple new items.  The formats I've been kicking around
Virtual network
        <interface type='network'>
            <source network='default' dev='veth0'/>
            <target dev='veth1' address=''/>

Bridge to LAN
        <interface type='bridge'>
            <source bridge='virbr0' dev='veth4'/>
            <target dev='veth5' address=''/>

All comments welcome.


Best Regards,
Dave Leskovec
IBM Linux Technology Center
Open Virtualization

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