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Re: [libvirt] how to pass qemu options?

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
>> is required for any serious development work.  I *hate* to having to
>> create a wrapper script each time I need to pass in additional
>> parameters, and I'd *love* to see libvirt being a bit more developer
>> friendly.
> Historically we've not had very complete coverage of QEMU args, but we've
> been adding alot of new functionality recently so the need for extra args
> is reducing all the time. We recently added serial, parallel, sound and
> drive support. USB is the next on the list at which point we basically 
> have coverage of all the important options we should reasonably expect.

Maybe for normal users.  Certainly not for developers.  I need stuff
like raising debug level for more verbose logs, enable experimental
features while working on them and similar stuff.  Nothing which I'd
expect libvirt to support directly.

> Creating wrapper scripts for experimentation is not that difficult.

But it is quite inconvenient.

And it also proves that you can't prevent users from passing additional
args to qemu, thereby creating unsupported configurations.  So what was
the point in refusing <emulator args="-foo">...</emulator> support?



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