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Re: [libvirt] how to pass qemu options?

On Thu, 15 May 2008, Gerd Hoffmann wrote:

> > If you are a developer and want to develop something, I think it a great
> > thing to have a developement package or distro. If you want to have the
> > same features as others, you are no more than a user and want something
> > stable.
> Rubbish.  Just because I'm a developer it doesn't mean I want unstable
> software.

Daniel doesn't seem to want to go in to a direction that the semantics of
XML go away for userland code. That sounds acceptable for me as end user
code. If the features you propose are in this package it is basically
ignoring the semantics, what is fine probably but not as out of the box
behavior. Compile switches or startup switches it is all the same ballpark
to me: it is not exposed by default.

> And that users don't need debugging features is wrong too.
> Think bug reports:  Asking some user which reports a bug to flip some
> config bit to enable debug logging usually works fine.  Asking them to
> rebuild the app to compile in debug logging usually doesn't fly.

What has debugging todo with enabling config parameters? In my humble
opinion, what we both want is easy prototyping without hacking in C
straight away right? Now I must admit that for the last three hacks
resulted in two pretty decent pieces of code, but I was satisfied before
with the great dynamic ability of Xen and its 'scripts' directory.
Proposed that here, and that was a big no-no.


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