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Re: [libvirt] virsh create Guest Crashing

Chris Lalancette <clalance redhat com> wrote on 19/05/2008 13:05:50:

> You didn't tell us how it crashed, but...
> Kenneth Nagin wrote:
> >   <devices>
> >     <disk type='file'>
> >       <source file='/data/images/nagin/c1/ken-30/fedora.fc8.img.sd'/>
> >       <target dev='sda1'/>
> >     </disk>
> >     <disk type='file'>
> >       <source file='/data/images/nagin/c1/ken-30/fedora.swap'/>.
> >       <target dev='sda2'/>
> >     </disk>
> The two devices above seem to be wrong, when compared to the Xen
> file below.  It looks like you want something like:
>    <devices>
>      <disk type='file'>
>        <source file='/data/images/nagin/c1/ken-30/fedora.fc8.img'/>
>        <target dev='xvda1'/>
>      </disk>
>      <disk type='file'>
>        <source file='/data/images/nagin/c1/ken-30/fedora.swap'/>.
>        <target dev='xvda2'/>
>      </disk>
> If that doesn't help, please tell us how it crashes, exactly, and give
> console output from the guest (if it gets that far).
> Chris Lalancette
Sorry I must have copied the wrong XML configuration file.  The one I
pasted in
was an experiment to see if the problem was related to using tap:aio.  It
make any difference.
Here is the right configuration file:
<domain type='xen' >
    <disk type='file'>
      <driver name='tap' type='aio'/>
      <source file='/data/images/nagin/c1/ken-30/fedora.fc8.img'/>
      <target dev='xvda1'/>
    <disk type='file'>
      <driver name='tap' type='aio'/>
      <source file='/data/images/nagin/c1/ken-30/fedora.swap'/>
      <target dev='xvda2'/>
    <interface type='bridge'>
      <source bridge='virbr0'/>
      <mac address='aa:00:00:00:00:11'/>
      <script path='/etc/xen/scripts/vif-bridge'/>

Here is some console output:

Initializing XFRM netlink socket
NET: Registered protocol family 1
NET: Registered protocol family 17
XENBUS: Device with no driver: device/vbd/51713
XENBUS: Device with no driver: device/vbd/51714
XENBUS: Device with no driver: device/vif/0
XENBUS: Device with no driver: device/console/0
drivers/rtc/hctosys.c: unable to open rtc device (rtc0).
Freeing unused kernel memory: 200k freed
Write protecting the kernel read-only data: 981k
Red Hat nash version 6.0.19 starting
Mounting proc filesystem.
Mounting sysfs filesystem
Creating /dev
Creating initial device nodes
Setting up hotplug.
Creating block device nodes.
Loading xenblk.ko module
xen-vbd: registered block device major 202:
Loading ehci-hcd.ko module
Loading ohci-hcd.ko module
Loading uhci-hcd.ko module
USB Universal Host Controller Interface driver v3.0
Loading mbcache.ko module
Loading jbd.ko module
Loading ext3.ko module
Loading scsi_mod.ko module
SCSI subsystem initialized
Loading sd_mod.ko module
Loading aacraid.ko module
Adaptec aacraid driver (1.1-5[2423]-mh3)
Loading shpchp.ko module
shpchp: Standard Hot Plug PCI Controller Driver version: 0.4
Loading libata.ko module
Loading ata_piix.ko module
Waiting for driver initialization.
Loading xennet.ko module
netfront: Initialising virtual ethernet driver.
netfront: device eth0 has copying receive path.
Creating root device.
Mounting root filesystem.
mount: could not find filesystem '/dev/root'
Setting up other filesystems.
Setting up new root fs
setuproot: moving /dev failed: No such file or directory
no fstab.sys, mounting internal defaults
setuproot: error mounting /proc: No such file or directory.
setuproot: error mounting /sys: No such file or directory
Switching to new root and running init.
unmounting old /dev
unmounting old /proc
unmounting old /sys
switchroot: mount failed: No such file or directory
Booting has failed.
Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init!

I see two possible sources to the problem:
XENBUS: Device with no driver ...
setuproot: moving /dev failed: No such file or directory
switchroot: mount failed: No such file or directory

Is there libvirt xml equivalent to the XEN configuration file's root =
"/dev/xvda1 ro"?

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