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Re: [libvirt] Re: [Libvir] ISCSI howto, example, etc?

Daniel P. Berrange wrote:
> Can you provide a documentation patch describing the sysfs layout for the 
> kernels the patch is intended to support, along with captured output from 
> the isciadm tool running on each, for the various commands libvirt needs 
> to run. 
> The only way we are going to avoid breaking this repeatedly is to get 
> serious around documentating the variants we need to support then then
> testing them. The example output from iscsidam tool then can be used to
> build a fake iscsiadm tool invoked by the test suites exercising all the 
> new code.

I didn't get all of the information you requested (yet).  But I did connect a
number of different kernels up to an iSCSI target and look at the listing in

Kernel  iscsi-initiator-utils   sysfs
2.6.9	        block/sda1, block/sda2 (note no block/sda!)
2.6.18	block:sda
2.6.21	block:sda
2.6.25	block/sda

Now, we probably don't care about 2.6.9.  So that leaves the other few kernels,
which all seem to follow either the block:sda or block/sda pattern.  So, at
least for now, Stefan can test my patch to see if it helps him.  I'll try to
collect further information, including the output from iscsiadm.

Chris Lalancette

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