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[libvirt] OpenVZ capabilites in LibVIRT

I faced with several difficulties / misunderstandings and I hope someone could clarify me (at the moment I use 'virsh' for testing).
1) after creating network via 'virsh # net-create network.xml' i get vzbr0 bridge in down state and have to make ip up manually. Is there any way to automatically make it up?
You can specify an IP address and a netmask like this:
Such bridge will be automatically set up.
2) there is a default network "Default" with enabled 'Autostart'. Is there any way to remove this network completely?
# virsh net-destroy defaul
3) after creating domain via 'virsh # create ovz.xml' i get a new container, but it doesn't work as it should do:
- at first, it has 'vzbr0' veth interface inside and its pair on a HW node is added into default bridge vmbr0. I believed tag <source bridge='vzbr0'/> should point to a bridge name on a HW node, but instead it created veth interface with such name. In openvz config file for created domain i see this:
[root alt-03 ~]# cat /etc/vz/conf/3005.conf | grep NETIF
Short answer: it doesn't work now. Wait for nex libvirt release (libvirt-4.6-alt2). I will try to make it as soon as possible.
For details see
4) Is there any way to specify config file for created domain like it can be done via 'vzctl create <ID> --oostemplate <templname> --config <confname>'? 
5) Is there any way to destroy domain completely like it can be done via 'vzctl destroy <ID>'?
# virsh destroy <domain-name>

6) Where does libvirt store info about already created domains? I can't create a new domain with ID 3005 after I completely destroy previous one via 'vzctl destroy 3005'.
And what does it saying?

7) Is there any way to publish domain's console on a host system so that I can connect via telnet to HW node on some TCP/4567 and get into domain's console?
vzctl enter <domain ID>
8) Does libvirt use some OpenVZ bindings or simply executes vzctl and other stuff?
simply executes vzctl and reading/writing <veid>.conf

P.S. You can ask ALT-specific questions to me directly.

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