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Re: >>: [libvirt] OpenVZ capabilites in LibVIRT


- yeah, i've already read that thread and known it was a bug. Just needed a confirmation that it was going to be fixed in next release. So may be my question will be a bit indelicate, but is there a hope to see this release by the end of november?
Yes, I think

virsh # undefine 3005
libvir: OpenVZ error : Domain not found
Domain 3005 has been undefined
It really removes domain from file system, but why does it throw that error message?
I think, that it is a virsh error


6) Where does libvirt store info about already created domains? I can't create a new domain with ID 3005 after I completely destroy previous one via 'vzctl destroy 3005'.
And what does it saying?

- if i simply destroy domain via vzctl (without undefining it via virsh):
[root alt-03 ~]# vzctl destroy 3005
Destroying container private area: /var/lib/vz/private/3005
Container private area was destroyed

- and then try to create another one (this time via virsh)
virsh # create ovz.xml
libvir: OpenVZ error : operation failed: Already an OPENVZ VM defined with the id '3005'
error: Failed to create domain from ovz.xml
I can't repeat that behaviour. Try to restart libvirtd:
# service libvirtd restart


It seems domain is still defined from LibVirt's point of view but actually it doesn't exist any more. It was removed via native OpenVZ tool. In case I try to undefine it:
virsh # undefine 3005
libvir: OpenVZ error : Domain not found
libvir: error : vzctl exited with non-zero status 14 and signal 0
libvir: OpenVZ error : internal error Could not exec vzctl
error: Failed to undefine domain 3005

And from this moment it is imposible to create domain with ID 3005. So how can I obtain a list of already defined domains? And how can it be purged?
# virsh help list


7) Is there any way to publish domain's console on a host system so that I can connect via telnet to HW node on some TCP/4567 and get into domain's console?
vzctl enter <domain ID>
- yeah, that for sure is true wheh you are on HW node itself.
And maybe an ssh will help you here? :)
But I need to organize access into domain's consoles from remote mashines. In my case there is no network connectivity between real lan and domains. I believed, this XML definition could help me:


http://libvirt.org/formatdomain.html#elemInactive implies defined, i thinkentsCharTCP - "The character device acts as a TCP client connecting to a remote server, or as a server waiting for a client connection", so when you connect to HW node on some TCP port you get into domain's console. But it seems I got it in a wrong way because is didn't work in case of OpenVZ.
Yes, it doesn't work in case of OpenVZ and I can't make any assumtions if it will be in the nearest future.

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