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Re: >>: [libvirt] OpenVZ capabilites in LibVIRT

2008/11/15 Ivan Vovk <vovk.is@gmail.com>
Hi Anton,

do i understand correctly that patch for OpenVZ bridge support was committed? If so can it be obtained from CVS repository with a new snapshot?
Yes, it is commited in libvirt-0.4.6-alt2 that appear in Sisyphus on monday, or so.
If you are interesting, you can see my git:

Then can you help me a bit again? After I got a new checkout with
cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs libvirt org:2401/data/cvs co libvirt
and tried to do a build, i got the following:

[root alt-03 libvirt]# ./autogen.sh --prefix=$HOME/usr

You must have autopoint installed to compile libvirt.
Download the appropriate package for your distribution, 

But was is 'autopoint'? I was not able to find it neither in ALT's repository, not somewhere else ... =(
 # apt-get install gettext-tools
 # man autopoint

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