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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] openvz: swap <source bridge=...> with <target dev=...>

2008/9/30 Daniel P. Berrange <berrange redhat com>
On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 05:57:20PM +0400, Anton Protopopov wrote:
> >
> > Possibly, though its not terribly consistent so far.
> >
> > Xen  - vifNNN.MMM   (NNN dom ID, MMM = nic number)
> > QEMU - vnetNNN      (NNN = global host nic number)
> > LXC  - vethNNN      (MMM = global host nic number)
> And how these drivers choose NNN? Do QEMU driver and LXC driver use the same
> NNN?

Start from vnet0 and look for the first available name.

> >
> > We can't change the format Xen uses, but it could be desirable to make
> > LXC, QEMU and OpenVZ all use  vnetNNN scheme by default for auto assigned
> > nics names on the host side.
> Now openvz driver chooses not interface name in host, but interface name in
> container.

The interface name inside the container is not something that is expressed
in the libvirt XML. That is left upto the guest OS to decide, and not
something libvirt needs to care about.
In OpenVZ case you _must_ to decide what name the
interface will have inside the container. The command line for ading an interface in OpenVZ looks like
  # vzctl set $veid --ifname_add ifname[mac, host_ifname, host_mac]
The only mandatory field is the name of _container interface_

The possible solution is the following:

* absolutely ignore the <target dev=".."> in openvz XML description
* Set (ifname, host_ifname) of the interface to (eth${N}, veth${ID}.${N}),
   where ID is the container id and N is the interface number within that container.

It is simplifies saving the bridge name and adding the interface to the bridge too,
for example, by adding the following line to the $veid.conf:
#BRIDGE$N: <name of bridge for interface # $N >

We only care about configuration from the host side.

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