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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] openvz: swap <source bridge=...> with <target dev=...>

If openvz kernel requries specification of a NIC name for inside the
container, then this is an implemntation detail that the libvirt
OpenVZ driver will have to deal with. It can auto-assign them to be
eth0, eth1, etc. This is not exposed in the libvirt XML though, since
it is not relevant to the host admin, only apps inside the guest.

> * absolutely ignore the <target dev=".."> in openvz XML description

As I said before this needs to reflect the name of the interface on
the host side. It can be ignored when creating a guest, since for the
majority of uses cases it can be safely auto-generated. It must be
filled in when dumping XML for a guest, so the host admin knows which
NIC in the host corresponds to the guest.

Here is the patch, that implements the following behaviour

* interface name inside container is automatically generated and equals ethN,
   where N is the number of that interface within current domain
* mac address of that interface inside container is generated automatically by
   function openvzGenerateMac
* if <target dev=""> is specified, use it; otherwise, use the default openvz name,
   i.e., vethN.M for interface ethM in container with veid N
* if <mac address='...'> specified, use it; otherwise, vzctl will generate it automatically
* <target dev> and <mac address> are (re)stored (from)to $veid.conf


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