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[libvirt] ./configure issues


Trying to compile libvirt on Centos 5.2, get the following when running configure:

checking for struct _xmlURI.query_raw... no
checking gnutls/gnutls.h usability... yes
checking gnutls/gnutls.h presence... yes
checking for gnutls/gnutls.h... yes
checking for gnutls_handshake in -lgnutls... no
configure: error: You must install the GnuTLS library in order to compile and run libvirt

It's definitely installed:

Installed Packages
gnutls.x86_64 1.4.1-3.el5_1 installed gnutls.i386 1.4.1-3.el5_1 installed gnutls-devel.i386 1.4.1-3.el5_1 installed gnutls-devel.x86_64 1.4.1-3.el5_1 installed gnutls-utils.x86_64 1.4.1-3.el5_1 installed xmlsec1-gnutls.x86_64 1.2.9-8.1 installed xmlsec1-gnutls.i386 1.2.9-8.1 installed xmlsec1-gnutls-devel.i386 1.2.9-8.1 installed xmlsec1-gnutls-devel.x86_64 1.2.9-8.1 installed



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