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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH] openvz: swap <source bridge=...> with <target dev=...>

2008/10/3 Evgeniy Sokolov <evg openvz org>

I rewrite functions taken from vzctl in the new patch, so this:

       Here is the patch, that implements the following behaviour

       * interface name inside container is automatically generated and
       equals ethN,
          where N is the number of that interface within current domain
       * mac address of that interface inside container is generated
       automatically by
          function openvzGenerateMac
       * if <target dev=""> is specified, use it; otherwise, use the
       default openvz name,
          i.e., vethN.M for interface ethM in container with veid N
       * if <mac address='...'> specified, use it; otherwise, vzctl
       will generate it automatically
       * <target dev> and <mac address> are (re)stored (from)to $veid.conf

is true, while that:

   the functions openvzGenerateMac and
   openvzGenerateVethName are taken from vzctl sources and slightly
   changed then

is not true anymore.

+static char *
+    char mac[6] = {
+        0x52,
+        0x54,
+        0x00,
How did you get 0x52, 0x54, 0x00?

This is the same as in virDomainNetRandomMAC() function, see the source code for it.

+    if (net->type == VIR_DOMAIN_NET_TYPE_BRIDGE) {
+        static int vnetNo = 0;

Libvirt may be use as library in applications. If some will call create 2 containers, then first container will have eth0...ethN
second will have ethN+1...
OK, I will try to fix it.
Other looks good.
Actually, there is a bug :( When we generate host interface name, we need to save it in net->ifname.

P.S. Now I am working on that:

P.S. Are someone going to implement
     <interface type='bridge'>
         <source bridge="...">
part of openvz driver? :)
I plan to implement it in a month.
It will be fine if you are ready to develop the feature.

I'm using $veid.conf to store information about bridge device in the following manner:
for interface <ifname>, therhe will be a line
   #BRIGDE(<ifname>): <bridge name>
for example,
   #BRIDGE(veth101.0): virbr1

Do you agree with that behaviour?

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