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[libvirt] Suggestion on commit rules when fixing breakages

  As the number of compilation options and platform grows, it gets
more difficult for a commiter to always ensure one chunk of code
won't give a problem in a different situation. To try to lower the
cost of maintaining the protability I would suggest the following
rule for commit:
  - if a recently commited patch breaks compilation on a platform
    or for a given driver then it's fine to commit a minimal fix
    directly without getting the review feedback first
  - similary if make check or make syntax-chek breaks, if there is
    an obvious fix, it's fine to commit immediately
Note that this would remove the need to send the patch to the list
anyway (or tell what the fix was if trivial). This doesn't either
remove the rule that 'make check syntax-check' should pass before
commiting anything, and obviously the existing review process is still
needed t for anything which is not a trivial fix breaking make or

  I guess it makes sense to minimize disruption for those working on
head and lower the time needed to get those fix in for those who catch
and fix them ;-)
  Opinions ?


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