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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH 00/12] Domain Events : DONE !

>     Again congratulations ! I think this also means the next release
> will be a 0.5.0 since this is a major API addition. I still looking
> at the other pending patches though, it would be better to have them
> in the next release ... oh and I want your java bindings and we need
> Python too  (and QPid !) :-)

Great news!
I'm just starting to look at the Python bindings...tryng to wrap my head around this whole process. Java will come after this, though I haven't even begun to look at it. As for Qpid... I suppose that will come after all the others. I've been mostly ignoring this, hoping I wouldn't have to know the gory details...but I guess that's unavoidable.

Dave Lively's patches for HAL, and DevKit have some java bindings that are mostly done...I think submitting them are still on his TODO list. Are these the ones you are referring to?

Thanks for accepting the patches!


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