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[libvirt] test driver for interface config

I'm now trying to write the test driver for the interface config driver that I'm putting into libvirt. For comparison I'm using the network driver. My understanding so far is that it calls the functions in the real driver to construct network objects and manipulate them, then just doesn't call the code that makes the changes to the system config.

My driver is a bit different, in that I don't need any object management - I just pass everything through to the netcf library, and return the results to the caller; libvirt is just being used as an RPC conduit with some minimal wrapping.

What I'm wondering now is exactly what the test driver should be testing - should the test driver also call netcf and return the results, or should it be a minimal interface driver in its own right that, for example, comes up with no interfaces, and allows adding only one?

The former (call netcf) is problematic in that many netcf functions make changes to the real live network config (which I don't think is a very nice thing to have in test code, but maybe I'm being over-cautious) and netcf doesn't have provisions for a test mode where changes made to the config aren't committed.

In the latter case it seems that not a lot will be tested (just the client side API, and libvirt's RPC - all parameter checking and XML parsing will be done by netcf), although maybe that's all anyone is looking for. I would hesitate to make the driver any more complicated than just allowing a single interface, or do any parameter validation that's normally done by netcf, since then much of the testing would be of code that was only used in the test itself - not very productive.

Any advice?

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