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[libvirt] PATCH: Fix remote driver create/destroy methods to update ID field

If you have an existing virDomainPtr object, and start it using the
virDomainCreate(virDomainPtr dom) method, then internal cached 'id'
field in the virDomainPtr object is never updated. Even more annoyingly
the remote protocol for the 'create' method doesn't even bother to
return the ID of the newly started guest.  Thre is a similar problem
with the virDomainDestroy method, not resetting the cached 'id' back
to -1.

We can't guarentee that the 'id' field is up2date wrt to changes made
by another libvirt client, but we can at least make sure its accurate
wrt to changes this client is making. For the destroy method the fix
is trivial. For the create method, after a successful creation, we do
a lookup based on UUID to fetch the real live ID, since the create
method didn't return it for us.

This fixes a significant number of problems identified by the TCK on
the QEMU driver usage.


diff -r 9ff786a7908d src/remote_internal.c
--- a/src/remote_internal.c	Fri Apr 17 12:05:11 2009 +0100
+++ b/src/remote_internal.c	Fri Apr 17 12:06:21 2009 +0100
@@ -1939,6 +1939,7 @@ remoteDomainDestroy (virDomainPtr domain
         goto done;
     rv = 0;
+    domain->id = -1;
@@ -2735,6 +2736,8 @@ remoteDomainCreate (virDomainPtr domain)
     int rv = -1;
     remote_domain_create_args args;
+    remote_domain_lookup_by_uuid_args args2;
+    remote_domain_lookup_by_uuid_ret ret2;
     struct private_data *priv = domain->conn->privateData;
@@ -2746,6 +2749,16 @@ remoteDomainCreate (virDomainPtr domain)
               (xdrproc_t) xdr_void, (char *) NULL) == -1)
         goto done;
+    memcpy (args2.uuid, domain->uuid, VIR_UUID_BUFLEN);
+    memset (&ret2, 0, sizeof ret2);
+    if (call (domain->conn, priv, 0, REMOTE_PROC_DOMAIN_LOOKUP_BY_UUID,
+              (xdrproc_t) xdr_remote_domain_lookup_by_uuid_args, (char *) &args2,
+              (xdrproc_t) xdr_remote_domain_lookup_by_uuid_ret, (char *) &ret2) == -1)
+        goto done;
+    domain->id = ret2.dom.id;
+    xdr_free ((xdrproc_t) &xdr_remote_domain_lookup_by_uuid_ret, (char *) &ret2);
     rv = 0;

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