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[libvirt] [PATCH 00/20] Add support for (qcow*) volume encryption.

the following patches add full support for qcow/qcow2 volume encryption,
assuming a client that supports it.

(Main changes since the previous version:
 * Use a separate API for "secret" management
 * Auto-generate the encryption format and passphrase if not supplied
 See the specific patch change logs for more details; patches without
 change logs are entirely new.) 

New XML tags are defined to represent encryption parameters (currently
format and passphrase, more can be added in the future), e.g.
     <encryption format='qcow'>
       <secret type='passphrase'

The <encryption> tag can be added to a <volume> node passed to
virStorageVolCreateXML() to create an encrypted volume, or to a
<disk> node inside a <domain> to specify what encryption parameters to
use for a domain. 

secret_id above refers to a separately-managed secret, which was set
using virSecretSetValue().  Other properties of the secret can be
managed using an XML representation.

Detailed documentation of the formats and features is inside the patches.

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