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Re: [libvirt] Is it possible to use more then 2 CPUs in the guest?

Mirko Raasch schrieb:

in my server i use an Intel Quad Core CPU and i want to use in one WindowsXP guest all 4 cores.
The device manager shows four CPU (Qemu Virtual CPU version 0.10.5).
When i start prime95 or superpi, only 2 of them are in use. CPU-Z shows also 2 Cores, instead of 4 like the device manager.

How can i use all four cores in the guest?


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I will try a few installs on my Q9550 with:

Win XP SP2
Win Vista
Win 2k8 HPC

All with 4 CPUs enabled and post the results.
But i have the assumption that the qemu-cpus are recognized as physical sockets by windows xp hence only two are available. Will post back when i have results - or either of the Daniels would have an answer - but i think it is more a linux-kvm or qemu thing.


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