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Re: [libvirt] compiling one driver

2009/8/6 Chris Lalancette <clalance redhat com>:
> Henrique Teófilo wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm having problems to compile libvirt with opennebula driver.
>> I executed: ./autogen.sh --with-one
>> and got the following message:
>> configure: error: You must install XMLRPC-C >= 1.14.0 to compile libvirt
>> ONE driver
> You have to install the xmlrpc-c development package.  On Fedora it's called
> "xmlrpc-c-devel"; it might be called something different on your distro.
> --
> Chris Lalancette

Well, the basic problem seems to be that xmlrpc-c by itself doesn't
provide a .pc file for pkg-config, but has its own script for this
task called xmlrpc-c-config:

xmlrpc-c-config client --cflags
xmlrpc-c-config client --libs

So, Fedora seems to provide an .pc file for xmlrpc-c so that this
works on Fedora:


But other distros don't provide a .pc or only provide an old version
of xmlrpc-c, like Ubuntu. Ubuntu only provides 1.06 without an
additional .pc file. So I build 1.17 from source, but that doesn't
help as there is no .pc file for xmlrpc-c.

I think the check in configure.in should be changed to use
xmlrpc-c-config instead of pkg-config.


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