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Re: [libvirt] Is it possible to use more then 2 CPUs in the guest?

Daniel P. Berrange schrieb:
On Thu, Aug 06, 2009 at 05:53:01PM +0200, Gerrit Slomma wrote:

I could test what is detected by windows if i choose another cpu-model than "qemu" when invoking kvm.
Couldn't it made possible to choose the cpu-model via libvirt?

We do have an RFE to choose the CPU model in libvirt, but that wouldn't
let us specify topology, since QEMU doesn't allow that to be expressed
via its -cpu arg at this time.

I've just been pointed to this proposed enhancement to QEMU for choosing topology:


That discussion is still ongoing, but once its settled we'll be able to look at supporting it in libvirt too.

It seems, that qemu is the "problem".
I bought a quad core cpu in the hope, i can use all four cores, but only 2 of them in the host are under full load if i heat up
all cpus in the guest with prime95, superpi or some other programs.


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