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[libvirt] Project announcement: abiCloud

Hi all,

This is a one-time post to announce a project which supports libvirt
for managing virtual machines: abiCloud.

AbiCloud is an open source cloud platform manager which allows to
easily deploy a private cloud in your datacenter. One of the key
differences of AbiCloud is the the web rich interface for managing the
infrastructure. You can deploy a new service just dragging and
dropping a VM.

Currently, we use libvirt for:
- Managing (deployment, configuration, administration...) of Xen & KVM
virtual machines trought the java binding
- Events monitoring trough a C API for openwsman

We truly believe that V2V will boost the adoption of new hypervisors
from users, and libvirt will have a prominent role in this space. So,
we will continue adding support for more hypervisors trough libvirt.

homepage: http://community.abiquo.com/display/AbiCloud

- Rich interface
- User management through ACL
- Infrastructure management (from datacenters to virtual machines)
- Network management
- Appliance repository
- Design virtual datacenters

- Linux/Windows/MacOSX
- Any hypervisor supported installed in a node
- Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6

- CPAL 1.0 for the UI
- MPL 1.1 for the services


PS: We will really appreciate if you could add us as in your website a
"Third Party Libvirt Application"
Diego Mariño
Co-founder & Community Manager
+34 636-016-062
+1 408-386-8559

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