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Re: [libvirt] Power Hypervisor: Fix potential segfault and memleak in phypOpen

Matthias Bolte wrote:
> Hi,
> I came across this line in the phypOpen function:
> char string[strlen(conn->uri->path)];
> Here the path part of the given URI is used without checking it for
> NULL, this can cause a segfault as strlen expects a string != NULL.

Heh, it's worse than that; there is a check later on for !conn || !conn->uri, so
you are potentially de-referencing a NULL pointer.

> Beside that uuid_db and connection_data leak in case of an error.
> In this line
> conn->uri->path = string;
> the original path of the URI leaks. The patch adds a VIR_FREE call
> before setting the new path.
> The attached patch is compile-tested but I don't have a Power
> Hypervisor installation at hand to test it for real.

I also don't have a Power Hypervisor, but it looks sane enough to me.  I'll say
ACK, but it's probably a good idea to get someone who has Power to test it
before you commit.

Chris Lalancette

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