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[libvirt] vbox save/restore


I see that the vbox driver in virDomainSave doesn't use the
destination file path and calls vbox's IConsole::SaveState.
As I see it IConsole::SaveState is more like a "pause" command: you
can save the state you're in and wait for the machine to stop running
and you can resume it later.
This limits the uses of the vbox support of libvirt.

There is another way you can do virDomainSave/virDomainRestore: use snapshots.
This way, you can specify the file in which you want to save the
snapshot, you can continue to use the machine and do some crazy
experiments and then restore the machine to the known good state.
As of the current implementation, I don't think there's a way to do
this in libvirt.

I'd like to know if there's a real reason why virDomainSave is
implemented this way (and virDomainRestore is unimplemented), or it
just got implemented like this and no one cared much about it.

..: Lucian

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