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Re: [libvirt] remote_protocol.c not compiling

Thanks this was extremely helpful.  I wish I had this when I first started
working with libvirt.  Incidental,  I have not shared the api that I
created with the libvirt community because I think it was premature and
that there is a better approach than the creating a new api.  Specifically,
I think a better approach is to expand the existing xml for defining
domains and storage.  When I'm ready I'll share the ideas with the rest of
the libvirt community.

-- Kenneth Nagin

>Dave Allan <dallan redhat com> wrote on 05/08/2009 16:40:10:

> Kenneth Nagin wrote:
> > I am experimenting with some new APIs in Libvirt 0.6.5 and added the
> > changes to remote_protocol.x .
> >
> > I'm getting a make error of  undefined reference in  ./.libs/libvirt.so
> > the xdr arguments.
> > I think it is related to the fact that a new  remote_protocol.c is not
> > being generated.
> >
> > I've tried the obvious "make clean" and "make" and  "make -C qemud
> > remote_protocol.c."
> > But it has no affect.
> >
> > [nagin gorky trunk]$ make -C qemud remote_protocol.c
> > make: Entering directory
> > `/gpfs/reservoir/nagin/workspace/LIBVIRT/LIBVIRT_0_6_5/trunk/qemud'
> > make: Nothing to be done for `remote_protocol.c'.
> > make: Leaving directory
> > `/gpfs/reservoir/nagin/workspace/LIBVIRT/LIBVIRT_0_6_5/trunk/qemud'
> >
> > Any suggestions?
> It's necessary to run 'make rpcgen' in the qemud directory to create the
> .c and .h files required by the remote protocol code. This must be done
> on a Linux host using the GLibC rpcgen program. Other rpcgen versions
> may generate code which results in bogus compile time warnings.
> See:
> http://www.libvirt.org/api_extension.html#wireproto
> and in general:
> http://www.libvirt.org/api_extension.html
> Dave

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