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Re: [libvirt] Migration fail

Christian Hennig wrote:
> hi,
> i am trying to migrate a VM from my local system "pc38"  to a remote on
> "pc36":
> virsh # list --all
>  Id Name                 State
> ----------------------------------
>   - scalaris1            shut off
> virsh # migrate scalaris1 qemu+ssh://csr-user pc36/system
> error: monitor socket did not show up.: No such file or directory
> What is the monitor socket?

The monitor socket is how libvirt talks to the qemu monitor to issue commands.
Things like "virsh suspend" are implemented by issuing a "stop" command to the
qemu monitor, and it's fundamental to libvirt operation.

The "monitor socket did not show up" error occurs if libvirt could not connect
to the monitor after trying for 3 seconds; it usually means that qemu forked
successfully, but failed to really start.  You should be able to get a bit more
information by looking at /var/log/libvirt/qemu/<guestname> on the destination
of your migration.

That being said, I think 0.6.1 had a number of race conditions, so it's probably
worthwhile to try and get a newer version of libvirt; 0.6.4 or later should be
pretty good.

Chris Lalancette

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