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[libvirt] ANNOUNCE: perl bindings Sys-Virt release 0.2.1

FYI I have just uploaded a new release 0.2.1 of the libvirt perl bindings,
Sys-Virt, to CPAN. 


Direct download link 


Changes since 0.2.0:

 - Add all new APIs upto libvirt 0.6.4 (network interfaces,
   storage volume cloning and node device create/delete)
 - Fix off-by-1 in UUID stringification
 - Set default values for optional params.
 - Use SvOK check for potentially undefined string params
 - Export all the virError related constants
 - Fix some memory leaks in C layer
 - Remove bogus module imports from test suite

There will shortly be another release that adds support for 0.7.0 newly
added APIs.

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