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[libvirt] [PATCH 0/1] Support huge pages in guests

This patch is an update of John Cooper's original work from
last month


Changes since that patch

 - We create a directory $MOUNTPOINT/libvirt/qemu inside the hugetlbfs
   mount point. This is neccessary because QEMU now runs as 'qemu:qemu'
   in Fedora and thus cannot create files in the root. libvirtd will
   automatically chown() this subdir to allow QEMU guests access
 - Don't automatically probe for hugetlbfs mount if runing as an
   unprivileged libvirtd, since user won't have access to the mount
   unless administrator has manually created them a subdir.
 - Change the XML to look like


   This is because I fear we may have more config options for memory
   backing store in the future, such as whether KVM can use KSM for
   sharing on the guest.
 - Add a test case for it in the XML -> ARGV convetor
 - Document the new XML options
 - Add the new XML options to the RNG schema
 - Fix setup & auto-detection of hugetlbfs mount if no qemu.conf file
   exists at all
 - Add config parameter to the augeas schema
 - Move the code which finds a mount point into util.c since its not
   specific to QEMU

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