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Re: [libvirt] how to change the boot order of a qemu-kvm guest os

On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 10:24:18PM +0530, Gopalakrishnan Subramanian wrote:
>    Hi
>         I am using libvirt and virt-manager to manage and run 2 Fedora 10
>    guest operating systems for the sake of installing a Oracle RAC
>    environment . As part of the process after using the both gues for some
>    work i felt the nedd to add an additional virtual scsi disk to one of the
>    hosts.
>    Trying to start the guest os after adding this scsi virtual disk to the
>    host fails (see image)  . The guest BIOS screen and all comes up fine but
>    it now seems to be trying to boot from the newly added disk . Fiddling
>    around with the order of the disks as listed in the xml has not helped
>    either .

Yeah this is a bug in libvirt - its stupidly reordering disks itself.
I've got a patch that will be in the next libvirt release


There's no real workaround before that other than make sure you only
use the same type of disk - eg always SCSI, or always VirtIO, but
never a mix of both.

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