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Re: [libvirt] [PATCH v3 00/13] CPU selection patches

> > Changes in version 3:
> > - fix build and segfault on i386
> >
> > Changes in version 2:
> > - virConnectGetHostCPU() API call was completely removed
> > - 'CPU driver implementation' (11/14) patch was dropped
> > - virConnectCompareCPU() API call is implemented directly by hypervisor
> >  drivers
> > - new cpuCompareXML() internal function to make virConnectCompareCPU()
> >  simpler
> >
> > Jirka
> >
> You've put some relevant documentation about the CPU flag handling to
> the commit messages. IMHO this documentation should be collected and
> the libvirt user relevant part (for example from patch 1 v3) should go
> to the libvirt website sections about the domain/capabilities XML
> format

Right, good idea.

> and the libvirt library/driver developer related part (for
> example from patch 9 v3) should go to src/cpu/README, or something
> like that.

This is also a good idea but I'm not sure where to put the documentation. Is
the src/cpu/README a good place or is there any better place for documenting
internals of libvirt for driver developers? Perhaps HACKING? Although it seems
to document a bit more general techniques used in libvirt.


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