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[libvirt] [PATCH 0/9] eliminate almost all uses of strerror

We know that strerror is not thread-safe, so I'm
eliminating all uses from code that might be multi-threaded.
I started the job with this patch:


Here are the summaries of the upcoming change sets:

  eliminate strerror qemu_driver.c: use virReportSystemError instead
    This is the patch mentioned above.

  remove duplicate *SetCloseExec and *SetNonBlock functions
    Changes prompted by Dan's feedback (see thread).

  report OOMError

  iptables.c: Use virStrerror, not strerror.

  qemud.c: use virStrerror, not strerror

  don't include raw errno in diagnostics

  remove remainder of offending strerror uses
    note: the qemud/remote.c changes that move virDomainFree calls
    do that merely to make that code identical to a nearby, nearly-
    identical function.

  syntax-check: enable prohibit_nonreentrant
    makes "make syntax-check" check for all those non-reentrant
    functions, but excluding virterror.c, virsh.c and console.c

  syntax-check: avoid spurious false-positive

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