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Re: [libvirt] autostart with xend

On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 02:10:57PM -0500, John Levon wrote:
> It doesn't work quite right with a running domain. The 'new' will
> correctly set the config, but the temporary config doesn't include the
> new setting. So tests of the form "set autostart; is it set?" will fail.

I'm not sure I understand the sequence of operations you're describing
here - can you illustrate with virsh example. 

> Also, why isn't this represented in the XML?

Bear in mind there's 2 impls of this. For older XM, we are just creating
and deleting symlinks in /etc/xen/autostart, only in newer XM are  we
having to update the SXPR (which is harder).

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