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[libvirt] Network Configuration question


For a shared virtual hosting project with some friends we need a pretty specialized network configuration. Because we have virtually no time for experimenting (no pun intended), and the hosting organization has no experience with libvirt/KVM configurations they suggested to try and ask here.

So, this is the situation: We have a server with one physical connection. Each user gets one virtual machine with its own IP-address (we have our own ip-range). The hosting organization gives us one "main" address 'A' with netmask (/24) and a default gateway for our host machine. Besides this we get a number of addresses B1, B2, etc. with netmask (/32) and without a default gateway. The switch just routes the traffic to our server for each ip-address we own (A and Bn).

According to our hosting organization, the normal solution is to configure a loopback interface for each of the ip-addresses on the server so you can configure your software just to use one of the addresses. But we are not sure how this will work out in our virtual environment. Our intuition tells us we need to use the routing network forwarding mode, but when we bring the server to the data center we don't want to have any surprises. :)

Here at home I don't have to possibility to create similar circumstances as in the data center due to some restriction from my ISP, so I hope someone can tell me if our intuition is correct or that we need to use some other method.

Thanks in advance!

Remko Nolten
Tel: 		06-45600767
E-mail: 	remko nolten nu

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