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[libvirt] Libvirt /proc/cpuinfo processing fails on Linux/Sparc

Below is what /proc/cpuinfo looks like on an Ultrasparc T1 running

I haven't looked into it in detail yet, but the report from Dennis
Gilmore is that this breaks every libvirt command.  Presumably we are
parsing /proc/cpuinfo at libvirt startup ...

(Initially reported by Dennis Gilmore)


cpu             : UltraSparc T1 (Niagara)                      
fpu             : UltraSparc T1 integrated FPU                 
prom            : OBP 4.29.0.a 2008/09/15 11:59                
type            : sun4v                                        
ncpus probed    : 32                                           
ncpus active    : 32                                           
D$ parity tl1   : 0                                            
I$ parity tl1   : 0                                            
Cpu0ClkTck      : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu1ClkTck      : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu2ClkTck      : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu3ClkTck      : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu4ClkTck      : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu5ClkTck      : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu6ClkTck      : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu7ClkTck      : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu8ClkTck      : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu9ClkTck      : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu10ClkTck     : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu11ClkTck     : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu12ClkTck     : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu13ClkTck     : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu14ClkTck     : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu15ClkTck     : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu16ClkTck     : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu17ClkTck     : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu18ClkTck     : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu19ClkTck     : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu20ClkTck     : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu21ClkTck     : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu22ClkTck     : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu23ClkTck     : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu24ClkTck     : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu25ClkTck     : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu26ClkTck     : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu27ClkTck     : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu28ClkTck     : 000000003b9aca00                             
Cpu29ClkTck     : 000000003b9aca00
Cpu30ClkTck     : 000000003b9aca00
Cpu31ClkTck     : 000000003b9aca00
MMU Type        : Hypervisor (sun4v)
CPU0:           online
CPU1:           online
CPU2:           online
CPU3:           online
CPU4:           online
CPU5:           online
CPU6:           online
CPU7:           online
CPU8:           online
CPU9:           online
CPU10:          online
CPU11:          online
CPU12:          online
CPU13:          online
CPU14:          online
CPU15:          online
CPU16:          online
CPU17:          online
CPU18:          online
CPU19:          online
CPU20:          online
CPU21:          online
CPU22:          online
CPU23:          online
CPU24:          online
CPU25:          online
CPU26:          online
CPU27:          online
CPU28:          online
CPU29:          online
CPU30:          online
CPU31:          online

Richard Jones, Emerging Technologies, Red Hat  http://et.redhat.com/~rjones
virt-top is 'top' for virtual machines.  Tiny program with many
powerful monitoring features, net stats, disk stats, logging, etc.

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