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RE: [libvirt] Libvirt for RHEL4 update4

Thanks Daniel!

Then how can we monitor Xen host and xen guests (XEN3.0.3) based on
RHEL4 U4? Could you give us some advice on this? 

Kind regards,


Gavin Gong

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Subject: Re: [libvirt] Libvirt for RHEL4 update4

On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 10:26:11AM -0000, Gavin Gong wrote:
> We are eagerly trying to deploy libvirt on a production environment
> based on RHEL4 U4, but unfortunately it seems that for RHEL this API
> only available for version5, we can't find any libvirt packages for
> RHEL4 U4, can you give us some advise for this situation? Thanks.

RHEL4 does not ship any virtualization host support. It can only be
used as a guest OS.  So if you want a virt host you should deploy
RHEL-5 instead, and just use RHEL4 for your guests

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