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Re: [libvirt] Update on host interface configuration

On Fri, 2009-02-13 at 09:12 +0000, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> A thought as I update this Fedora feature page[1]

Thanks a ton for doing that - nice overview.

> Aside from just writing out the interface configuration, will we also
> handle the case where NetworkManager is disabled/unavailable and
> manually bring up the interface with initscripts and update iptables?

That side of the integration is still a little murky to me ... ideally,
we wouldn't have to worry about whether NM is running or not, and just
bring interfaces up independently, with NM noticing any changes - Dan W:
does that sounds reasonable ?

Also, to make a shared phys interface useful, we'd defintiely need to
add the right --physdev-is-bridged rule, contradicting what I said
elsewhere about modifying iptables ;)

> Also, will NetworkManager automatically notice the configuration
> changing on disk and apply the configuration? 

Yes, NM either needs to be told what files/dirs to look at so that it
can set up its own inotify watches, or (preferrably) we'll need to let
it register callbacks and do the inotify biz ourselves.

> Will we be able to detect what configurations NetworkManager can handle?

I am hoping we (i.e., libvirt) don't have to; though netcf will have to
be taught how to deal with the interfaces that NM cares about and
libvirt likely doesn't all that much (wireless)


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