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Re: [libvirt] Network Configuration question

On 09 Feb 2009, at 17:00, Paul de Weerd wrote:

On Mon, Feb 09, 2009 at 04:51:34PM +0100, Remko Nolten wrote:
Thanks for your response. I'm afraid this will not work since the ip-
addresses for the VM's have a /32 netmask and no default gateway which
is required when you create a interface using a bridge.

This how it works in a (non-virtualized) system at our hosting
For example, my server has one main ip-address, on eth0,
and our hosting organization gives us 3 extra ip-addresses (so our range is which are routed to On our server, we
can add the ip-addresses using:

	ip addr add dev lo
	ip addr add dev lo
	ip addr add dev lo

This is not quite correct. The physical interface (eg. eth0 in the
case of linux) has an IP address in a different network (say, for
example, The /32's are routed to this address. Since
the machine has a default route (eg. to, this works


Paul 'WEiRD' de Weerd

So, our server gets the routed packages and will recognize them as one
of his own which enables us to add listeners to the ip-addresses like
Apache or a mail-server.

In our case, we don't want the server to route the packages to the
loopback interface (so that services can listen to it), but we want the server to route the traffic to the virtual machine. The more I think of
it, I suspect we need the "route" network option like this:

	<bridge name="virbr%d" />
	<forward mode="route" dev="eth0"/>
<!-- dev is the device which is directly connected to the network and
has ip>
	<ip address="" netmask="">
	    <range start="" end="" />

Is this correct?

I got a short response from our hosting association. With this, I will bump this discussion one last time with the hope that somebody can give us a definitive answer for this problem.

Best regards,

Remko Nolten
Tel: 		06-45600767
E-mail: 	remko nolten nu

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